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DA Chair blasts email as part of smear

DA Chair blasts email as part of smear

Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Chairperson, James Selfe, has rejected claims made in an email that senior male party members had been engaging in alleged sexual indiscretions with female party figures, labelling it as being part of a smear campaign to discredit the party.

His comments comes after an anonymous email, reportedly written by a woman, began circulating over the weekend claiming that five men had been having affairs with seven named woman and that sexual harassment was the reason for a lack of female representation in the party.

“There are men in the DA who have made it a special pastime to choose women in the party to be their playthings. I am one such person and despite raising my concerns I was brushed aside by a system that protects men that use their power to get away with the worst misogyny against women,” CityPress quoted the email as saying.

Those named as being the main instigators include Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane, Eastern Cape leader Athol Trolip, Chief Whip John Steenhuisen, CEO Paul Boughey and Shadow Minister of Communications, Gavin Davis.

“We will not grace the scurrilous anonymous email with an investigation. The claims are malicious and distorted. We are not going to waste resources by investigating,” Selfe told the paper.

Responding to the claims, Maimane, who is currently campaigning for the party’s leadership opposite Federal Chairperson Wilmot James, told The Star that the timing of the mail days before the DA’s elective conference in Port Elizabeth this weekend, was not coincidental, and that is was merely a way of damaging his creditability in the run-up to the elections.


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