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DA challenges ANC to show it had no hand in attempted Hermanus land grab

Apr 4, 2018
DA challenges ANC to show it had no hand in attempted Hermanus land grab

Following the recent land invasion attempts, which resulted in violence, vandalism and xenophobia in Hermanus, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape on Wednesday said that it is serious about making sure no party or individual uses the African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s call for land expropriation without compensation as a catalyst to cause havoc in the province.

"I therefore challenge the ANC to publicly declare the content of the WhatsApp messages exchanged between MPP Cameron Dugmore and ANC Western Cape Secretary Faiez Jacobs by Thursday the 12th of April," said Masizole Mnqasela MPP - DA Constituency Head of Overstrand.

"Last week, the DA obtained photographic evidence that the ANC acted as the third force behind the Hermanus unrest. The photos clearly showed that the land grabs in the area were part of the ANC’s political agenda to instigate violence and urge residents to illegally occupy land.

"We believe that this is a matter that needs to be investigated and has been referred to the Conduct Committee. We also believe that these are grounds for criminal charges against Dugmore for inciting violence in the area."

Mnqasela said that the ANC subsequently publicly rejected the DA's claims and supports the content of Dugmore’s post and that he acted out of “deep concern” for the situation.

"We don’t believe that this was the case. We believe that the ANC was using divisive rhetoric to instigate violence and motivate residents to illegally occupy land in an attempt to destabilise the province for their own political gain," he added.

"We therefore challenge the ANC and its two implicated members to publically release the content of the messages no later than Thursday 12 April 2018 to prove otherwise, failing which the DA will take further action to ensure that the ANC’s strategy is exposed."