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DA claims Minister Mokonyane is ignoring PE's 'bucket toilet crisis'

Nov 9, 2015
DA claims Minister Mokonyane is ignoring PE's 'bucket toilet crisis'

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality claims Water and Sanitation Minister, Nomvula Mokonyane, is ignoring the Metro's "bucket toilet crisis" - and showing "shows government’s contempt for sanitation".

"The inhumane sanitation which the ANC government continues to ignore in Nelson Mandela Bay must be ended," says DA Eastern Cape leader and the party's Mayoral Candidate for the Bay in the upcoming local government elections, Athol Trollip.

"It is a desperately sad reality that our people in this Metro still use the highest number of bucket toilets in any Metro in South Africa. The ANC government is keeping people using undignified sanitation because it doesn’t care enough to react."

Trollip says Minister Mokonyane is dodging and avoiding releasing this year’s Blue and Green Drop reports, because they indicate the very sad state of water and sanitation delivery where the ANC governs.

"In the style of the ANC as a whole, of Mayor Danny Jordaan and ANC Mayors before him, Minister Nomvula Mokoyane has ignored pleas and calls for solving NMB’s bucket toilet crisis. I reached out to the Minister after personally seeing bucket toilets in staggering numbers around our Metro day after day," he said.

"I sent the Minister a letter on the 13th October 2015, requesting the following:

  1. Immediate expedition of the Bucket Eradication Programme and to work to full eradication of all buckets by the 31st July 2016 – a reasonable period for the dignity of our people.
  2. Oversight of sanitation expenditure in the NMBMM council to ensure that Mayor Jordaan’s current government spends all funding allocated to eradicating bucket toilets.

"In the interest of resolving this crisis with haste, I asked for a response within 14 days. It has been 27 days since the Minister’s PA acknowledged receipt of the letter and to date, no response has been received at all, and no action has been taken in NMB."

He said that the Minister has chosen to abandon Nelson Mandela Bay’s people, and to ignore the bucket toilet crisis.

"This is sadly consistent with the NMB municipality's refusal to cooperate with the SAHRC in its bucket toilet investigation.

"It seems that the ANC, in every sphere of government, simply isn't interested in caring for our peoples' right to dignified sanitation," he describes.

"We need an accountable government which cares for its people. This disdain for the plight of our communities is unacceptable and must be voted against in Election 2016."