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DA condemns waste of municipal funds by Buffalo City Metro

Feb 27, 2017
DA condemns waste of municipal funds by Buffalo City Metro

The Municipal Public Accounts Committee and Finance Portfolio Committee in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality have, in the past two weeks, indulged in unnecessary wasteful expenditure by holding workshops at luxury resorts outside BCM, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape claims.

"BCM owns many buildings, including community halls, which can be used to hold such meetings at an obvious considerable cost saving.

"The Democratic Alliance is appalled at the continuing waste of ratepayers’ money by the African National Congress (ANC) -led Municipality," said Bill Gould, a DA PR Councillor in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

"We have consistently objected to this wasteful expenditure over many years and we only participate in these events when our presence is necessary for strict oversight of Buffalo City’s municipal governance.

"The DA condemns this waste of municipal funds which could have been much better utilised in addressing the shortfalls in municipal service delivery, including failure in rubbish collection, bush clearing, grass cutting and pothole fixing."

Gould said that the conservatively estimated several hundred thousands of Rands spent by the ANC government in BCM, could have been much better used on providing services for our people.

"The National Treasury has also stressed in its Budget Circulars over the past few years that Municipalities are required to pay special attention to cost containment measures by, among other things, utilising municipal venues for conferences, meetings, and strategic planning sessions, where an appropriate venue exists within the municipal jurisdiction. Expenditure of the nature undertaken by the ANC government in BCM, is a complete violation of these Treasury directives," he described.

"We call on the Municipal Public Accounts Committee to hold accountable those responsible for this wasteful expenditure and put a stop to the choosing of venues at great expense to the municipality’s ratepayers and to use existing municipal facilities which are available and suitable to hold these functions.

"The use of local facilities would also create a saving on the unnecessary subsistence and travel allowances paid to councillors and officials when they have to travel out of our municipal boundary to attend a workshop or meeting."