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DA demands Buffalo City Metro tackles East London's 'problem buildings'

Mar 25, 2019
DA demands Buffalo City Metro tackles East London's 'problem buildings'

East London - The Democratic Alliance (DA) over the weekend said that it is consulting with all stakeholders, from civil society and the business sector, to identify ways to put pressure on the Buffalo City Metro Municipality (BCMM) to immediately deal with three derelict houses in East London.

"These houses have become suspected drug dens and havens for prostitutes and illegal immigrants. Failing any action, legal steps might even be considered," described DA Eastern Cape leader, Nqaba Bhanga.

"On Saturday, I conducted an oversight inspection at the three derelict problem buildings in Moore Street, Quigney and was joined by a number of DA Councillors. The houses are unsafe and are clearly health hazards."

He said that in 2018, the police raided the houses and removed many underaged girls that were apparently being used as prostitutes.

"Drugs are also allegedly being dealt from the premises.

"In spite of former Police Minister Fikile Mabalula’s admission last year that these houses should be closed down, the doors are still open," Bhanga described.

"Derelict buildings are a big problem in the Metro and is a threat to the safety of residents. We are therefore starting a campaign to make BCMM’s buildings safe and will be taking the campaign to the Municipality."

'We closed down derelict buildings in Nelson Mandela Bay'

He said that the party already showed that it can turn problem buildings around.

"When we governed in Nelson Mandela Bay, we started a project of evicting people from problem structures and then closing these buildings down," Bhanga said.

"Buildings such as the Sunnyside Hotel in Central, Port Elizabeth was totally turnaround and is now a beautiful sight to see. This successful plan can also be replicated in the BCMM.

"The DA is now demanding the Municipality act immediately and close these three houses down."

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