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DA double-standards evident in Bobani - de Lille cases: UDM Nelson Mandela Bay

Jan 15, 2018
DA double-standards evident in Bobani - de Lille cases: UDM Nelson Mandela Bay

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in the Nelson Mandela Bay on Monday said that Democratic Alliance (DA) Leader, Mmusi Maimane’s, "lame and unsuccessful attempts to deny government failure and salvage a brand disaster in its flagship Cape Town stronghold" confirmed "the DA’s continuing implosion by its own overestimated gravity".

"The DA's Federal Executive Council (FedEx) eventually, after weeks and weeks of uncertainty debilitating its Cape Town government at the very crux of the most severe service delivery failure in the short history of democratic South Africa, decided not to suspend Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille, in adherence of due process and De Lille's rights," the party said.

"Therefore, according to Maimane, a motion of no confidence in the Cape Town mayor would be 'premature'."

The UDM said that, however, the same DA orchestrated motion of no confidence against former Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, without any due process and without any acknowledgement of his rights.

"The DA's Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality minority government used a draft, non-compliant report severely qualified by its very authors, to trick councillors against Bobani, and subsequently even to discard the office of Deputy Mayor after its naïve character and discriminatory disposition to remove any reproval of its self-serving minority agenda," the party described.

"It is noted, with contempt, that the eventual final version of the qualified draft report used against Bobani is completely silent on any wrongdoing by the falsely ousted deputy mayor. This final report, as had been the questionable draft, is held close to the DA’s treacherous breast, and not shared.

"For obvious reasons. One standard for Mayor de Lille; an opposing standard for Deputy Mayor Bobani – both serving in a DA controlled government. Shocking. But hardly surprising."

The UDM said that in Nelson Mandela Bay, the DA "complained bitterly of Bobani’s determination to vote his conscience, despite the DA’s continuous demand that parliamentarians do just that".

"That Bobani did not slavishly support Mayor Trollip in abject submission – the only coalition quality demanded by the DA – was the driving force behind the deputy mayor’s questionable ousting.

"Yet, in another example of the DA’s spectacularly pliable standards, the Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, Councillor Nqaba Bhanga, abstained, together with coalition Councillor Siyasanga Sijadu of Cope, in the defeat of a critical, yet despicable DA motion to continue NMB evictions," it added.

"No objections against these two 'traitors' were raised. The very mortal sin for which Bobani had been ousted, is made venial and goes unpunished by DA double standards.

"The DA is well advised to hold over its sandpit politics for times when severe crises, like the Cape Town water crisis, and the Cape Town governance crisis, are not pressing.

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that after many years of window dressing, the DA is utterly incapable of governing."

The party said that South Africans have the opportunity, "and indeed the duty, to tell the DA off in 2019. Enough already with baasskap intimidation and double standards. Enough".