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DA Eastern Cape kick-starts campaign to win Mandela Bay in 2016 elections

Feb 9, 2015
DA Eastern Cape kick-starts campaign to win Mandela Bay in 2016 elections

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Monday said the opening of a new constituency office for Port Elizabeth’s Ngqura constituency marks the start of its campaign to win the Nelson Mandela Bay in the 2016 local government elections.

The Ngqura constituency in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro comprises the follow areas: Zwide, New Brigton, KwaZakhele, Motherwell, KwaDwesi, KwaMagxaki and Blue Water Bay.

“It’s an open secret that the DA has set its electoral sights on the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro,” said Athol Trollip, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, in a stamtement.

“This municipality was yesterday described by DA parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane as a sinking ship and there can be a no more apt metaphorical description for a city ideally located along our beautiful and very strategic coastline. The Southern African coastline is littered with shipwrecks, and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has for all intense and purposes become another shipwreck statistic.”

Trollip said that Port Elizabeth is a city of two faces.

“One which projects an image of modern and progressive society and the other an image of poverty, refuse strewn squalor and dysfunctional street lighting that allow crime to reign with impunity in the black and brown communities, out of sight from tourists and affluent citizens,” he said.

“This tale of two cities simply must be turned around and all the citizens of Port Elizabeth should be given equal access to basic services and the townships must be transformed into suburbs too.

“The establishment of this DA constituency with a constituency office in the historic Njoli Square is the first step in the DA transforming this former ANC stronghold into a free, democratic zone where the DA will contest for every single vote from amongst voters that have become disillusioned with the ANC and its woeful record of non-delivery, nepotism and corruption.

“The DA is not establishing a “task team” to achieve this: we established a fully-fledged constituency in this area in June 2014 after the last elections. These elections showed just how close the DA is to winning this metro.

“Today marks the beginning of our campaign to win PE in 2016.”

Photo: Athol Trollip, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, addresses party faithfuls at the opening of the DA's Ngqura constituency office. Image: DA via Facebook.