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DA Eastern Cape pulls out of Taking Legislature to the People

Oct 18, 2017
DA Eastern Cape pulls out of Taking Legislature to the People

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday morning announced that it has withdrawn from further participating in this week's Taking the Legislature to the People programme, which is being held in Port St Johns by the Eastern Cape Legislature.

"We cannot allow the rules of the legislature to be flouted and do not want to be party to non-compliance," described Edmund van Vuuren, the DA's Chief Whip in the Eastern Cape Legislature.

"It unacceptable that questions for oral reply on Wednesdays when the House is sitting has been deemed unnecessary and frivolous by the ANC government and the Presiding Officers, particularly when taking the Legislature to the people."

Van Vuuren said that the DA "is standing up for accountability in a province where the ANC is failing so dramatically".

"Rule 186 (1) of the Standing Rules of the Legislature states clearly, without any ambiguity, that questions for oral reply are taken as a first order on a Wednesday when the House is in sitting.

"Parliamentary questions are the hallmark of democracy in holding the government to account. In not answering questions for oral reply in the presence of a diverse group of attendees is tantamount of shying away from accountability and covering up for corruption and maladministration," he added.

"The DA wrote to the Speaker, Noxolo Kiviet, prior to this week’s sitting to reconsider the Legislature’s position in flouting Rule 186 (1).  

"We received an acknowledgement of our correspondence but no clear reason as to why Rule 186 (1) was contravened and what interventions were to be considered in order to comply."