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DA Eastern Cape 'takes exception to imflammatory and racist ANC motions'

FEBRUARY 5, 2015
DA Eastern Cape 'takes exception to imflammatory and racist ANC motions'

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape says that it “notes with grave concern” the two motions raised by the ANC Chief Whip, Mzoleli Mrara in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature on Thursday.

“These motions cause more harm than good with regard to the issue of Xenophobia and reconciliation in our society,” said Athol Trollip, Leader of the DA in the Eastern Cape in the Bhisho Legislature.

For the motions click here: http://www.dabhisho.org.za/…/ANC-motion-foreign-nationals.p… and here: http://www.dabhisho.org.za/…/…/ANC-motion-De-Kock-parole.pdf

“I have written to the Speaker, Noxolo Kiviet and the Leader of Government Business, MEC Helen Sauls-August, to ask them to address various concerns that arise from these two ill-conceived motions,” Trollip says.

For his letter, click here: dscmail.dscmedia.co.za/t/r-l-qqlyul-jddduhzq-h/

“It seems scarcely conceivable that the pillars of reconciliation and the concept of South Africa being a rainbow nation, espoused and championed by the late former President Nelson Mandela should be so quickly forgotten or relegated for short term political gain by the party that Nelson Mandela made ‘famous’,” Trollip says.

“The ANC should take more care in appointing its cadres of questionable moral and leadership quality in positions of public prominence.

“The DA will reserve its right to refer these two motions to the Human Rights Commission, pending a response or action from the Speaker and the Leader of Government Business.”