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DA EC accuses NMB mayor of vote buying

DA EC accuses NMB mayor of vote buying

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, Athol Trollip, has accused Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan, of trying to buy votes after he allegedly gave a “large roll of bank notes” to the recipient of a RDP house.

Speaking in a statement, Trollip said Jordaan was caught giving the owner a large number of notes during the handover earlier this week, and that it constituted unlawful vote-buying as he attended the event in his capacity as mayor.

“[This claim] is a crystal clear example of the unethical and unlawful culture that the ANC presides over in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality,” Trollip said in a statement.

“Yesterday [Wednesday] Jordaan spoke of this single home handover in a council sitting as if he had solved the Metro’s housing crisis by delivering just one home. This displays a complete disregard for the catastrophe that is plaguing the RDP housing programme in Nelson Mandela Bay”.

Referring to the recent service delivery protests, Trollip stated that Jordaan’s approach to the housing crisis, again shows his administration is unable to supply the needs of residents in desperate need of houses, and that sanctions needs to be imposed for his alleged attempt at vote-buying.