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DA EC leader slams “part-time mayor” Jordaan

DA EC leader slams “part-time mayor” Jordaan

Eastern Cape Democratic Alliance (DA) leader and National Federal Chairperson, Athol Trollip, has said that newly elected Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan’s decision to retain his job as South African Football Association (SAFA) President, will result in him becoming a part-time mayor whose sole aim will be to “score public relations points for the ANC”.

Trollip’s comments comes after Jordaan, who was announced as the troubled municipality’s mayor on Monday in place of 83-year old Benson Fihla, told The Star that he has no intention of giving his role at SAFA, and that he remains underrated at the prospect of running two institutions, despite admitting that it won’t be easy.

“There’s no conflict and let’s not make as if there is. There’s no contradiction in the two positions. Nothing overwhelms me. You will still see the same commitment. It’s a sound management and balancing (act, but) operationally on a day-to-day, it’s not my work. Mine is to advise and supervise,” Jordaan said.

In a statement, Trollip said that Jordaan’s unwillingness to give-up his position would result in him spending more time in the air traveling between Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg, before reiterating a previous comment that the SAFA boss’s appointment was a mere gimmick before next year’s elections.

“Our Metro is in desperate need of a committed, hard-working Mayor, not a part-time locum who jets in and jets out, Trolip said.

“We need a Mayor who is on the ground, among our communities, personally meeting our neglected residents, in this time of a governance crisis. Jordaan is violating SAFA’s own constitution in taking up the NMB Mayoral office, by being a political public representative. If he is happy to violate SAFA’s constitution, we cannot expect him to uphold South Africa’s Constitution as Mayor”.

SAFA Spokesperson, Dominic Chimhavi, however stated that Jordaan’s role was that of a non-executive and that he receives no payment, adding that it is not uncommon for Presidents to be employed at other institutions.


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