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DA going to court over “dysfunctional” Humansdorp treatment plant

By Charl Bosch - Aug 27, 2015
DA going to court over “dysfunctional” Humansdorp treatment plant

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Kouga Local Municipality has confirmed the laying of charges against Municipal Manager Sydney Fadi, for what it described as failing to take action regarding the “dysfunctional” Humansdorp Waste Water Treatment plant.

In an interview with local publication JBay News, party National Council of Provinces (NCOP) leader Elza van Lingen, said a number of complains had been made since December last year with no feedback being received from the municipality. A number of people are said to living illegally some 500 meters from the plant.

“The area is not fenced off with cause for negligent liability as prescribed in law. There is also pollution caused by the discharge of water below the plant right into an earth dam,” van Lingen said.

She added that the leaking plant, situated on the town’s outskirts, had resulted in large quantities of waste spilling into the adjacent road instead of the specially built sewer dam.

“Considering, conditions have not improved at the Humansdorp plant since our initial complaint in December, we have sent another letter of complaint to the municipal manager for attention earlier this week.

“It is clear that we have exhausted all possible options to rectify the situation. The last resort was to lay criminal charges as these conditions cannot continue,” van Lingen concluded.


IMAGE sourced from kougademocrat.com