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“DA had hand in Zuma Must Fall board” - ANC

“DA had hand in Zuma Must Fall board” - ANC

The African National Congress (ANC) has accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of being behind the controversial Cape Town billboard that called for President Jacob Zuma to fall.

In a statement, ANC spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said the board, which was taken down on Saturday after displaying the words Zuma Must Fall, was sponsored by “privileged and wealthy racist of the DA” with the intent of diverting attention away “from the increasing levels of racism inside and outside its ranks”.

“They have been pulling [out] all the stops to defend and justify racism and promotion of apartheid amongst its membership, and has thus sought to create an expensive stunt to deflect from the negative attention it has been suffering,” Mothapo said.

“Any call for the removal of a democratically elected President outside of the provisions of the Constitution is reckless, unlawful and tantamount to inciting political violence”.

He also stated that while the accusations have so far been denied by the party, a number of factors have shown it was aware of the board going up on the corner of Kloof and Buitensingel streets this past Friday.

“Despite the city being aware of the illegal erection, it did nothing to stop it. Instead of dispatching the metro police to stop the public violation of its laws, all it did was to issue a media statement,” Mothapo said.

“The DA and the company [responsible for the board] know too well that the only penalty it would get is a fine, a small change for a wealthy and privileged individual or entity that can easily throw R600 000 on a hateful street billboard”.

Taking a swipe at DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s comments that the party could not confirm or deny being involved, Mothapo said the eventual effects from the move “are bound to backfire”.