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'DA-led coalition failed to budget for security, hence Bobani was threatened at gunpoint'

By Afikile Lugunya - Feb 27, 2019
'DA-led coalition failed to budget for security, hence Bobani was threatened at gunpoint'

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Safety and Security, Litho Suka, says that processes to enhance security for councillors in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality are underway following an incident in which an unknown man, apparently armed with a firearm, managed to gain access to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani's office on Tuesday afternoon.

The man allegedly demanded a house from Bobani at gun-point.

According to Bobani, the man entered his office and told him that he wanted to speak to him about his house before taking out his firearm.

The Mayor has not yet laid charges against the unknown man.

Suka said that the incident was a wake up call for his Department to address security especially for Councillors. However, a budget for this is a concern.

Speaking to RNEWS, Suka said: "We do have a plan to prevent such incidents from happening again especially in those critical aspects of the councillors."

He said that, by next week, they will have a plan on what measures to take to protect local councillors.

Most CCTV cameras in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality not working

The incident happened in a City where the Metro has an extensive public CCTV network to monitor crime hotspots and buildings.

However, Suka comfirmed that there are only 50 working CCTV cameras in the City as the network that was installed many years ago has run its service life.

He blamed the previous Democratic Alliance (DA)-led administration for not budgeting for the installation of new CCTV cameras.

"We, as the new administration, in these months that we took over, are already trying to find a budget to fix and restore these cameras," he said.

He added that the new administration is planning to setup this new CCTV camera network in areas such as Motherwell, where there is a high crime rate.

"I cannot give you a time-frame because we are guided by a budget and we will only have our own budget from the 1st of July," he said.

"Right now we are just tweaking the budget of the previous administration, which they didn't budget for these CCTVs and safety enhancements in the City."

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