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DA-led coalition has arrested wasteful expenditure and corruption in Metro: Trollip

Feb 14, 2017
DA-led coalition has arrested wasteful expenditure and corruption in Metro: Trollip

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has dramatically improved its financial planning and management since the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led coalition government took office, reducing financial deviations by approximately 90%, according to Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"Under the previous administration, the Mayoral Committee was approving roughly 120 financial deviations at almost every sitting," Trollip said.

"Legislation makes provision for deviations in cases of unavoidable emergency, indicating that the previous administration was in a constant state of financial disarray and poor planning.

"One of the main areas that has influenced this change has been the strengthening of internal financial systems and careful planning. This new government is set on curbing unnecessary expenditure through smart and forward-thinking governance.

"As we near the budget cycle, this promising change bodes well for the financial sustainability of the Municipality."

Trollip said that the Metro has, over the years, been subjected to wasteful expenditure and rampant corruption totalling billions of rand.

"This money should have been directed at providing basic services to communities.

"In the last four months, this new government has exerted a stringent approach in terms of budgeting and planning, giving priority to efficient governance while promoting social and economic development in the Metro," the Mayor said.

"This is an example of the sort of change promised prior to the 2016 Local Government Elections.

"We must adopt a different attitude to accepting the practice of using deviations. This has become a corruption loophole under our predecessors. Deviations should be closely monitored and only be used in exceptional circumstances."

He said that sweeping changes are taking place in Metro and many other positive developments await this city.

"Ours is a mission that is informed by the need to change the fortunes and economic landscape of this metropolitan.

"This government is more determined than ever to improve service delivery through smart budgeting and grow the economy to create jobs," Trollip said.