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DA marches to the National Department of Transport over E-Tolls

By Tai Chishakwe - Oct 2, 2014
DA marches to the National Department of Transport over E-Tolls

The Democratic Alliance (DA), led by DA Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane, have marched on the national Department of Transport offices in Pretoria to protest against e-tolls.

“Today, we march to the National Department of Transport to tell Minister Dipuo Peters that she must listen to Gauteng Premier David Makhura,” Maimane told a crowd, wearing blue party T-shirts.

“She must listen when the Premier says that the people of Gauteng overwhelmingly reject E-tolls.

“So overwhelming is this rejection that he had to set up a public participation Advisory Panel, after the fact of E-tolls being installed and operating already.”

He accused Minister Peters of refusing to even consider the pleas of the people of Gauteng.

“Minister Peters, listen to Premier Makhura. Listen to the people of Gauteng, who have said ‘No to E-tolls!’

“Our demand to the Minister is that she legitimize the Gauteng Advisory Panel by agreeing to receive its findings,” he said.

“Our demand to the Minister is that she receive the findings and take them very seriously, because they will reflect the will of the people.

“Our demand to the Minister is that she takes those findings and she uses them to scrap E-tolls once and for all.”

Maimane said that e-tolls must be scrapped, because over the 10 months of their operation, they have proved to be a failure, they have cost South Africans millions and millions in rising prices, and they are stopping our growing middle class from thriving to become real economic agents.

“The people of Gauteng, and the people of South Africa have spoken Minister Peters, it is now time to act,” he said, adding that; “Gauteng Premier Makhura has made it clear when he said: ‘if needs be, I will stand with the people of Gauteng’ against E-tolls.

“Minister Peters, you cannot ignore this growing opposition any longer.”

He said e-tolls were an unjust scheme and that it was time for the Minister to agree to accept Gauteng’s findings, and scrap E-tolls once and for all.

Motorists flashed their headlights and hooted as they passed the group.

Police officers stood guard in front of the offices in Struben Street.