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DA NMB in reported possession of memo showing Metro Police appointment plan

By Charl Bosch - May 16, 2016
DA NMB in reported possession of memo showing Metro Police appointment plan

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Nelson Mandela Bay has claimed to have obtained a leaked memo advising staff on the implementation of the much delayed Metro Police Force and the hiring of candidates despite some reportedly not having the proper qualifications and others criminal records.

On Friday, the party accused Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan of "staging" the highly awaited launch of the police force outside City Hall, alleging that the uniform-clad officers were in fact municipal officials, who had received no training or recruited properly.

Proceedings during the event came unstuck while Jordaan was delivering the keynote speech, when a group of traffic officers began dancing and chanting slogans as well as turning on their patrol cars’ sirens in protest against the launch, with some claiming it to be nothing more than a political stunt in the run-up to the August third local government elections.

In a statement, DA provincial leader, and Metro mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, said it has become more apparent than ever that Jordaan appears determined “to appoint untrained officers who have criminal records to serve in the metro police”.

“By cutting corners in an attempt to launch a metro police, last Friday’s chaotic and disrupted event saw disgruntled traffic and security officers hold a protest,” Trollip said.

“It is unconscionable that Jordaan has once again dropped the ball by delivering a toy gun metro police, with successive ANC mayors unable to deliver us a lawful and effective service.”

He said it has become “a tragedy” that the ANC had opted to "sidestep the law and place more peoples’ lives in danger, all in the interest of winning votes”.

“Our people are under increasing attack from virulent gangsterism and crime. What is needed are well-equipped metro police headquarters, comprehensive combat, defence and firearm training, proper vehicle and equipment procurement and branding, and the hiring and screening of additional personnel,” he said.