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DA 'racialising' educational challenges in PE's Northern Areas: SACP

JULY 27, 2015
DA 'racialising' educational challenges in PE's Northern Areas: SACP

While condemning the closure of schools in Port Elizabeth’s Northern Areas, the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape, announced that its ordinary Provincial Working Committee (PWC) had expressed concerns about the ‘racialisation’ of educational challenges in the area.

The PWC met over the weekend at the National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union (NEHAWU) offices in Chris Hani District.

“The PWC expressed its concerns on the racialisation of education challenges in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth,” said Siyabonga Mdodi, SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, in a statement.

“We are calling upon our people in the area to refuse to be used by the [Democratic Alliance] DA as the educational challenges affect all communities, let alone that some of the schools in the Northern Areas are having more than 50% Xhosa speaking learners.

“It is in this respect that, we are calling upon all communities to defend the right of children to education by ensuring that all schools are opened, and there is teaching and learning.

"The law enforcement authorities must defend our people against the criminal elements as sponsored by the DA for political expediency.”

On Monday morning, police used rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse crowds after they came under attack while managing the protest by parents.

The protests, which began last week, saw the closure of over 30 schools in the area as parents demanded more teachers for their kids among other issues.

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Image: eNCA