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DA retains Ward 1 by a 92% majority in Wednesday's by-election

Mar 8, 2018
DA retains Ward 1 by a 92% majority in Wednesday's by-election

The Democratic Alliance (DA) won the Ward 1 by-election that was held on Wednesday by a huge majority.

The party previously won the Ward in the 2016 Local Government Elections, but it became vacant after the party dismissed its then Councillor, Rashied Adams.

It then fielded Tracy Weise, who has since resigned from a successful career in the corporate world in order to focus on politics.

Weise obtained 4 368 votes, which is 92% of the valid votes cast. Altogether, 4 767 votes were cast.

"Voters in Ward 1 used this opportunity to send a strong message that they want the DA-led coalition government to keep on making progress in Nelson Mandela Bay," Bobby Stevenson (MPL), the DA's PE Southwest Constituency Leader?, said.

"This result is a resounding vote of confidence in our Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, and the DA-led coalition government. 

 "The African National Congress (ANC) saw a big drop in support, polling only 306 votes while the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) only managed 22 votes -- and this in a ward that includes the Nelson Mandela University."

Stevenson  said that the DA increased its share of the vote in Ward 1 and obtained more votes than in the previous three elections, up from 85% to 92%.

"The rest of the parties, such as the EFF and the ANC, could only muster a fraction of the vote. They should take note that the voters soundly rejected the EFF’s plan to topple Mayor Trollip through a vote of no confidence on 6 April," he added.

"We, together with our coalition partners, will keep working hard to create a Metro that is safe and secure with rising opportunities for everyone.

"This result should serve as encouragement to all Democrats to go and register this weekend in order to have their democratic choices respected."