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DA-run Kouga says it will not be 'bullied into Thyspunt'

DA-run Kouga says it will not be 'bullied into Thyspunt'

In a statement ahead of a presentation by the Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited (Necsa) on Thursday on the proposed Thypunt Nuclear Power Station, which is located within the Democratic Alliance (DA) - run Kouga Local Municipality, newly elected Mayor, Elza Van Lingen, said her municipality will not be bullied into accepting the power station.

Necsa is meeting affected local municipalities in Port Elizabeth.

"Since taking office on 22 August 2016, I have been unable to find any evidence of any meetings that have taken place between Eskom/Necsa and Kouga Municipality," she said.

"Despite my requesting the Municipal Manager, Sidney Fadi, to produce minutes of meetings, nothing has been forthcoming.

"The infrastructure of Kouga is seriously dilapidated and the impact of a mega project like Thypunt would have on our infrastructure will be catastrophic, should it be allowed to take place without any terms and conditions being attached."

Van Lingen also queried the authority of Necsa in meeting with local municipalities on the issue.

"Kouga Municipality will not be bullied into Thyspunt being built and we already noted the findings of the Impact Studies which state, inter alia there will be a negative impact on Tourism in the region, as well as facilitate an influx of people into Kouga," she said.

"The schools in Kouga are already at capacity and there are too few clinics, while the Police are under resourced.

"Our infrastructure is not coping, with sewage spills the norm and our roads have not been maintained for many years and are riddled with potholes.

"Should South Africa go ahead with the nuclear deal, all these issues and more, will have be addressed with Kouga Municipality to ensure our residents do not suffer and have less services at their disposal than before."