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DA’s early calling of Nelson Mandela Bay vote an act of desperation: ANC

Aug 5, 2016
DA’s early calling of Nelson Mandela Bay vote an act of desperation: ANC

While Democratic Alliance (DA) supporters came out and cheered late on Thursday night with speculation of victory at the IEC Centre in Nelson Mandela Bay, the African National Congress (ANC) maintains it is still anyone's game. 

"The DA’s early calling of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro results is nothing but an act of desperation," said ANC Provincial Chairperson, Phumulo Masualle.

Speculation of the ANC losing the Bay was ignited after the party called an urgent late night press briefing were it announced that it had lodged a complaint with the IEC over what it alleged was widespread ballot fraud in the Bay - the discovery of marked ballots dumped outside a centre being the smoking gun. Thus, the ANC said the election in Nelson Mandela Bay had not been free nor fair and would demand a recount - moments later, the party announced that it was withdrawing its complaint.

He, however, celebrated wins by the ANC including in wards were the party lost candidates just before the elections.

"The ANC won Port St John’s ward 7, Mbashe’s ward 17 and Nelson Mandela Bay Metro’s ward 4. With humility, we welcome the victory of our deceased comrades in their wards who garnered more support from communities they were working with throughou,t the campaign until their untimely and tragic deaths," Masualle continued.

"The electoral victory of these Comrades in these wards will be a solid foundation that the ANC will use for by-elections that will have to take place when the new councils are in place.

"The preliminary results from the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro are showing serious inroads by the ANC as more and more votes from wards are being captured by the IEC. Preliminary data from our Party Agents show that at the moment we have won 36 wards in the Metro and we expect to win more awards as the process unfolds."

Masualle said the current 36 wards [the IEC currently says 34] that the party has won "exhibit growth in the number of wards won by the ANC in the Metro and it’s a jump from 34 Wards we won in the last local government elections".

"The ANC continues to takeover wards that previously belonged to the DA like Ward 3 and 10 in the BCM and a number of wards in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro."

The DA on Thursday was confident it will be biggest party in the Nelson Mandela Bay when the final result will be declared. It has already approached the UDM for a coalition.

Meanwhile, third placed EFF, earlier on, indicated that they are open to a coalition in the Bay with other opposition parties - "as long as it is not a coalition with the ANC".

The final result is now expected at around 11:00am on Friday.