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“DA’s impeachment motion made a mockery of Parliament” - ANC

“DA’s impeachment motion made a mockery of Parliament” - ANC

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has welcomed Parliament’s rejection of the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) motion to impeach President Jacob Zuma, over the controversy surrounding Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir.

On Tuesday evening, the National Assembly voted against the establishing of an ad-hoc committee by 211 to 100 votes.

In an entry on Politicsweb, party National Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said the motion was the clearest indication yet that the DA had “no interest or consciousness for African unity” and that it was merely acting as a “proxy of Western imperialist agenda”.

“There is no doubt in our minds that the motion was groundless, a blatant abuse of serious constitutional provisions and a mockery of our democratic Parliament,” Kodwa said.

“The motion and its associated proposals read like [a] imperialist’ pamphlet designed to undermine the African continent and the great efforts by our government to resolve the Sudanese crises”.

He also added that debate identified a number of “contradictions regarding the provisions of the Rome Statute” and that they never expected the DA, which he described as Eurocentric” to comprehend “complex African diplomatic and governance matters”.

“The DA would rather, through its motion, inflame the perilous situation in Sudan, place hundreds of our soldiers currently in peacekeeping mission in Sudan in danger and render the Sudan situation unmanageable. The question is: whose interest are they serving, who is pulling their strings?” Kodwa added.