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DA says 'despicable ANC hate campaign' exposed in Trollip vs Mali case

Oct 17, 2018
DA says 'despicable ANC hate campaign' exposed in Trollip vs Mali case

Former Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, won another defamation case in the Grahamstown High Court on Wednesday, this time against another former Democratic Alliance (DA) member, Knight Mali.

At the end of September, he won another case against a former DA activist, Nontutuzelo Jack, who had alleged in 2016 that Athol Trollip had offered her a bribe to “dig up dirt”on Ms Veliswa Mvenya, who was the DA's Eastern Cape chairperson. 

"The DA in the Eastern Cape, in particular, welcomes the vindication of former Provincial Leader and the party’s Federal Chairperson, Cllr Athol Trollip, in the Grahamstown High Court," said Mlindi Nhanha - DA Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson.

"In 2015, the failing and desperate African National Congress (ANC) coordinated a hateful smear campaign against Cllr Trollip alleging gross human rights violations and that he had abused staff on his family farm."

Nhanha said that, at the time that these allegations were made, they were dismissed with contempt and proof was provided by Cllr Trollip that exposed the failing ANC’s lies.

"Unfortunately, the media fell prey to the sensational allegations and the desperate ANC’s hate campaign and reported extensively on the matter. Interestingly the Human Rights Commision declined to investigate the allegations and issued an apology to Athol Trollip for making incorrect public statements in this regard," he added.

"These allegations have now finally been exposed as nothing more than hateful and racially divisive ANC dirty tricks.

"After three long years the disgraced ANC’s 'Trojan horse' and former DA member, Knight Mali, failed to defend or prove his defamatory allegations against Cllr Trollip.

"Earlier this year the Grahamstown High Court ordered Mali’s accomplice and former ANC Councillor, Lawrence Troon, to apologize unconditionally to Cllr Trollip as the judge dismissed the allegations."

'Knight Mali was used and abandoned'

Nhanha said that both Mali and Troon "were ultimately abandoned quite predictably by the ANC and left without legal or financial support as they had served their purpose and were no longer useful in the failing ANC’s campaign of hate and division".

He said that "ANC Councillor, Rory Riordan, and former MEC for Social Development, Nancy Sihlwayi, who supported Mali and Troon’s malicious campaign were  nowhere to be seen in the High Court yesterday".

"The outcome of these cases serves as a stern warning to all of us that the failing ANC will stop at nothing to divide our country along racial lines by spreading lies about political opponents," Nhanha said.

"These cases should also serve as a salutary caution to those who seek to malign and defame others that they do so at their peril in the absence of factual evidence.

"The cases have also exposed the  failing ANC’s strategy of recruiting disgruntled and poorly performing members from the DA to do their bidding and then discarding them when they have served their purpose. This is a cyclical practice that surfaces before every election."

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