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DA says Jordaan's State of the Metro must focus on preventing 'collapse'

JUNE 9, 2016
DA says Jordaan's State of the Metro must focus on preventing 'collapse'

As Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, prepares to deliver his long-awaited State of the Metro Address on Thursday morning, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape said that "it is high-time for the Mayor to take the following steps, to save this Metro from complete collapse".

DA Eastern Cape leader and its Mayoral candidatefor the Nelson Mandela Bay in the upcoming elections, Athol Trollip, listed the steps below as a blueprint for 'saving' the Metro:

  • Immediately open criminal cases against all officials, suspended on full pay, implicated in fraud and corruption. Fighting corruption is about taking action, not paying officials to sit at home;
  • Immediately set aside the appointment of Linda Mti as ED for Safety and Security, who is a criminal, having twice been convicted of drunk driving and is still under investigation for fraud and corruption. Safety and Security in the Bay needs to be managed by a person of integrity, with a clean track record;
  • Apologise to the residents of the 129 684 households of Nelson Mandela Bay who still do not receive weekly refuse collection (ref. 2016 Integrated Waste Management Plan), despite promises to roll this out by the 18th April 2016. Roll out weekly refuse collection in every ward with immediate effect;
  • Commit to the eradication of all bucket toilets by the end of 2016. With approximately 25 000 bucket toilets still in use in the Bay, by not working to eradicate this horrible system, the ANC government has subjected our people to this indignity for too long;
  • Immediately fill all critical vacancies, of the 1774 vacancies that exist, preventing services from being delivered in the Bay. For as long as these vacancies remain, the Jordaan government will fail to deliver services to our people;
  • Suspend the metro police publicity stunt entirely until such time as it meets the prescripts of the law. By permitting the employment of untrained and unskilled officers with criminal records, Chapter 12 of the Police Services Act is being contravened, which is not only a gross violation of the Mayor’s oath of office, but a risk to many lives; and 
  • Account for the R23.5 billion infrastructure capital backlog, caused by too many years of ANC neglect, which continues to perpetuate spatial divides along race and makes the Metro the most racially segregated in the country.

"We will continue working for change in our Metro so that better services are delivered, jobs are created and corruption is stopped," Trollip said.