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DA slams ANC for increase in political appointments in Nelson Mandela Bay

Jul 6, 2016
DA slams ANC for increase in political appointments in Nelson Mandela Bay

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay on Tuesday said that "the ANC has managed to ram through a proposal to drastically increase the number of politically-appointed staff in the offices of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chief Whip and Speaker" at the expense of service delivery and corruption-free governance.

"These bloated offices now have room for 113 people, all of whom are appointed by ANC leaders, and not by council," described Retief Odendaal, DA Caucus Leader: Nelson Mandela Bay.

"The people of Nelson Mandela Bay continue to be faced with a catastrophic housing crisis, debilitating levels of crime and drug abuse, poor or non-existent sanitation services, a non-functional and wasteful IPTS, and a stillborn Metro Police service that is yet to make a single arrest. Yet, the ANC is only concerned with employing even more cadres to further enrich and entrench its patronage network, at the expense of our Metro’s residents."

He said that while "the ANC focuses on its multi-million rand cadre deployment project", the DA was prioritising the upgrade of informal settlements and the provision of serviced sites so that all residents can access basic services.

"We will ensure that red tape is cut to speed up the re-zoning and transfer of title deeds to housing beneficiaries, giving people legal ownership of their homes. This would not only give recipients an asset to leverage but also a home to call their own," said Odendaal.

"We will ensure that potholes are fixed, municipal roads and infrastructure are maintained and residents have access to electricity, potable water and sanitation. Furthermore, we will roll out weekly area cleaning projects to rid our Metro of the scourge of litter and illegal dumping.

"This is how our money should be spent, on our people, not wasted on the ANC’s selfish cadre deployment objectives."