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DA still leading in NMB as ANC claws back ground

By Charl Bosch - Aug 4, 2016
DA still leading in NMB as ANC claws back ground

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Nelson Mandela Bay has continued to extend its lead over the African National Congress (ANC) as the number of votes captured nationwide teeter on 80%.

According to the latest results, the ruling party trails the DA by 14.63% with 37.56% versus 52.19% despite having received the most provincial support with 66.29% compared 20.12%. It has also retained control of seven municipalities in the province but lost out in the hotly contested Kouga Local Municipality with 40.1% against the DA’s 57.04%.

The ruling party has however maintained control of the Buffalo City Metro with 55.79% of the vote against the DA’s 29.23%, with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) third in both Metros with 4.69% and 7.44% respectively.

Elsewhere, the ANC has also made significant progress in Ekurhuleni where it now leads the DA by 43.53% versus 41.71%, although it remains behind in Tshwane (42.12% vs 43.94%) and the City of Johannesburg (40.45% vs 43.90%). The DA has meanwhile all but retained control of the City of the Cape Town with 70.84% compared to the ANC’s 20.32% and EFF’s 2.90%.