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DA takes election campaigning to Pearston

Jul 13, 2016
DA takes election campaigning to Pearston

With the 2016 Local Government Elections just around the corner, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape took its campaigning to Pearston in the Blue Crane Route Local Municipality on Wednesday.

"Despite numerous complaints by the DA over the years, including letters to two ANC MECs for Cooperative Governance, the Blue Crane Route Municipality (BCRM) is yet to collect an estimated amount of R114 000 from the ANC for eight years of rental fees for the lease of municipal premises for their constituency office in Pearston," said Athol Trollip, Eastern Cape DA leader.

"It is unacceptable that the mainly poor and jobless residents of Pearston are being forced to subsidise the ANC. This is a gross misuse of municipal revenue. Service charges and rates are there for the benefit of everyone and cannot be misused in this fashion. This corruption needs to be stopped and good governance introduced so that BCRM can move forward again. This is what should occur in a fair society."

He said that in Grahamstown, the city’s failing water infrastructure again reared its ugly head, two days before the National Arts Festival.

"Responsible local governments would never allow poor management to jeopardise the welfare of a city and its residents.

"The appointment of Pam Yako as administrator of Makana, yielded no result, except for a whopping R3-million in her pocket, for nine months work. A recent oversight visit by the DA to Grahamstown revealed that water leaks, potholes, illegal dumping and water shedding remain the order of the day," Trollip said.

"The DA wants to make local government more responsive by attracting the next generation of fit-for-purpose municipal officials through graduate recruitment programmes. You must vote in councillors who will hold regular meetings where residents can raise concerns and ideas on municipal issues."

He said that a well-run municipality attracts the investment we need to create jobs in our towns and cities.