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DA taking issue of 'rogue SANDF members' to Eastern Cape Legislature

Nov 7, 2016
DA taking issue of 'rogue SANDF members' to Eastern Cape Legislature

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape has condemned "in the strongest terms the action of rogue members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF)", who invaded and dumped furniture in the square in front of City Hall in Nelson Mandela Bay on Friday.

"I understand that 30 members, with four trucks were involved. Some of the soldiers were heavily armed with R-4 rifles – some of the weapons with the magazine safety clips off," said Bobby Stevenson, the DA's Eastern Cape Shadow MEC for Safety & Security.

"This unlawful behaviour is a direct assault on a democratically elected government. This kind of lawlessness can never be tolerated in a democratic state. The SANDF must make an example of those involved in this incident so this culture does not spread further.

"I understand that there was a South African Police Service lieutenant colonel on the scene and the soldiers completely ignored him. The SAPS must take this up with the SANDF as a matter of urgency."

Stevenson said that the party cannot allow a mutiny to break out in South Africa.

"The DA will be monitoring the situation very carefully. I will be asking questions in the provincial legislature to ensure that the culprits are brought to book," he said.

There were heated exchanges and insults outside the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's offices at the Port Elizabeth City Hall on Friday after armed members of the SANDF dumped four truck loads of what appeared to be used furniture in front of the City Hall.

According to Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Kristoff Adelbert, the armed soldiers were aggressive to municipal offcicials, who tried to engage them.

Image: Kristoff Adelbert