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DA wants audit of Buffalo City Metro housing beneficiary lists

Aug 13, 2018
DA wants audit of  Buffalo City Metro housing beneficiary lists

The Democratic Alliance (DA), though not condoning the illegal occupation of unfinished RDP houses in the Fynbos area of the Buffalo City Metro Municipality (BCMM), says it is determined to establish why some of the residents have resorted to this.

"Some of these people have been living in backyard shacks for 35 years. They also have blue cards to prove that they registered for housing in the mid-2000s, but have disappeared from housing lists," said Richard Rooy - a DA Councillot Buffalo City Metro Caucus.

"In 2018 there have been frequent community protests, fuelled by dissatisfaction with RDP housing developments in Fynbos and East Bank (Alphendale).

"The DA believes that the many allegations of corruption, maladministration and racism also contributed to the violent protests and the illegal occupation of houses in the Fynbos and Egoli/Eastbank areas."

Rooysaid that there is also much unhappiness amongst the residents of the Orange Grove Informal Settlement over the housing allocation lists.

"These lists have allegedly been changed since the original approved lists.

"The first lists for these projects were drawn up as early as 2012, and to date many people have come forward to claim that their names have been removed from the final lists," he described.

"One would expect this situation was receiving serious attention in the BCMM Human Settlements Portfolio Committee. The ANC majority on that committee however fails to attend and almost half of its meetings fail to quorate."

Rooy said that the DA is calling for an investigation or audit to be undertaken into the accuracy of the beneficiary housing lists by an independent external service provider.

"The DA also tabled a motion in BCMM council to this effect."