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Damelin’s Work Integrated Learning Programme awards R67 000 to needy student

Jan 27, 2017
Damelin’s Work Integrated Learning Programme awards R67 000 to needy student

In collaboration with a private corporation, Damelin College Randburg handed over a bursary to the value of R67 000 to ecstatic 19-year-old KZN local, Sphindile Khethiwe Cele who has been struggling to pay her student fees for the past two years.

Despite having good grades and support from her family, Sphindile was finding it difficult to cope financially.

Damelin’s Work Integrated Learning Programme encourages industry to give back to students either financially by contributing to their student fees, or through internships.  Sphindile was one of these deserving candidates who received the much-needed bursary.

Sphindile first heard of the fantastic news when she was summoned to the college offices after writing her 2016 final exams. She was given no information other than to bring her ID along. “I got to the offices, not sure of really what was going on. When I was told that I was being awarded a bursary to pay for my entire college fees and textbooks, I cried. I was over the moon, I felt highly favoured, I broke down in tears, my body was trembling, I was mentally and spiritually at ease that such a weight has been lifted of me as I was struggling financially. There were days of not knowing how to get to school and no pocket money at all, even though I remained optimistic about everything and managed to do well at school but when I received the news it was a miracle. It feels like a dream,” said Sphindile.

The young aspirant grew up in small KZN town called Stanger. She started school at Stanger Heights Primary School but moved to Johannesburg at the age of 10 where she attended Constantia Kloof Primary School and eventually matriculated from Florida Park High School. She then decided to study at Damelin Randburg for a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management where she is currently doing her 3rd year.

General Manager of Damelin College in Randburg, Ian Ainsworth said he couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this bursary. “Sphindile has received multiple distinctions during her time with us. However due to her dire financial constraints and family responsibilities, she was unable to afford her student fees.

She barely managed to pay her way through first year and by second year she was deep in debt. So while looking for worthy bursary awardees, Sphindile came up as a perfect candidate. We hope this offers some sort of relief to her. We at Damelin wish her everything of the best in her future career.”

Sphindile says she plans on doing her Honours in Marketing whilst working and thanks Damelin for giving her a chance to complete her studies. “Thank you Damelin (Randburg) for having the most incredible and supportive lecturers who take their time to ensure that we have everything we need academically first and for recognising me as a suitable candidate for this bursary.  A big thank you to Ian Ainsworth, our General Manager for supporting me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Sphindile encourages other young people in a similar position to also pursue studying and to never give up on their dreams. “To those who are studying and those who want to study, be optimistic at all times, think positively and be mentally self-driven at all times. Finances shouldn't determine whether you go to school or not. There are support systems such as student loans from our banking institutions, there are government institutions offering financial aid to those wanting to study and then there are organisations like Damelin that help via businesses to offer bursaries. You also find students in educational institutions who struggle financially but they are still pushing everyday, and I was also one of them but still managed. As long as your heart and mindset is there, the impossible is possible.”