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Daniels tells Helenvale residents Metro officials bungled programme meant to create jobs

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 27, 2018
Daniels tells Helenvale residents Metro officials bungled programme meant to create jobs

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Mayoral Committee Member for Roads and Transport, Councillor Marlon Daniels, on Tuesday told Helenvale residents how he worked hard to ensure that millions of rands unspent by the Metro can be used on recruiting young people for the IPTS Community Champions.

The 1 700 community champions have been recruited through Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) to work on a month long survey and marketing drive for the IPTS. The programme is meant to improve the system and increase the number of people using the IPTS.

"There is about R97 million not spent [in the municipality] and I couldn't sit back and fold my arms because somebody must take responsibility," he described.

Daniels said that when he came into office, there were things that were in shambles and that include the IPTS. 

"I just inherited a baby. When I asked how this money is going to be spent, the executive director and myself spoke of the way forward. I thought that it would be best to create jobs because the unemployment rate in Nelson Mandela Bay is so high," he described.

Daniels said that those, who came before him, had made a mess at City Hall resulting in the Metro not being able to fully address unemployment.

"The people, who were in charge caused a mess of this. I also just inherited this baby. There is a program called Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and is in a mess, it's messed up because you'd find people being recycled, same old people doing the same work or putting their people in," he said.

Daniels added that they were launching the programme at the end of the month, when the recruits should have started with the drive at the beginning of June.

He blamed some officials in the Metro, who do not do their jobs, for the delay.

"There is R30 million that I must not spend, and I can't accept it, why must there be money going back to National Treasury when it can be spent by people," Daniels asked.

"I want the officials to answer that - why couldn't we start sooner? We can't work for two to three days what are we going to do after the end of the month, because we have only until the end of the month to spend the money.

"This is not a permanent job there are rules and regulations to how we can do the work.

"Technically the project must run until 30 June. We will ask the officials what can we do because it would be sad to see the money go back to National Treasury when we could have used it."