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DASO claims SASCO-led NMU SRC squandered R1.5 million on parties

Sep 25, 2018
DASO claims SASCO-led NMU SRC squandered R1.5 million on parties

While 2 600 students at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) are still awaiting allowances for meals, books and transport, the South African Students Congress (SASCO)-led SRC has spent R1.5 million on parties, the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) said on Tuesday.

"This is only one of various examples of reckless and wasteful expenditure SASCO has incurred with the Student Representative Council (SRC) budget of more than R4.1 million," said former NMU President, Hlomela Bucwa MP, who is now DASO Eastern Cape Constituency Leader.

She said that according to a financial report released by the NMU SRC, R600 000 was paid to the SRC’s My Mandela Fund.

"This fund aims to aid senior students to clear their student debts. The fund however mostly does not even reply to applications and some students had to leave the institution," Bucwa added.

"Furthermore, the yearly Intervarsity event could not take place as the SRC is broke."

How SASCO NMU squandered SRC budget

She said that some of the other ridiculous expenses the SASCO-led SRC admitted to are:

  • R200 000 was spent on the hiring of cars, booking of accommodation and purchase of food and alcohol; and
  • R100 000 was allocated to a student parliament that was only attended by 50 people.

"Every student pays a levy that constitutes the SRC budget and therefore all students have the right to know how the SRC spends their money," Bucwa described.

"DASO has made numerous attempts to retrieve the SRC Financial Statements from the NMU Student Governance Department, but to no avail. This budget must be made available immediately."

She said that this budget could have been used to assist students with:

  • meal allowances;
  • book and transport allowances;
  • improvement of the shuttle system; and
  • sanitary products.

"The University must release the SRC financial statements and institute an audit in the next seven days to hold people accountable. NMU must also ensure stricter measures of accountability when it comes to students money."

Image: Hlomela Bucwa MP, DASO EC Constituency Leader, and Kwanda Jakalase - DASO NMU SRC President candidate.

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