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DASO East Cape Midlands College wins four campuses on it's maiden SRC election

Mar 6, 2017
DASO East Cape Midlands College wins four campuses on it's maiden SRC election

The last few weeks has been a reminder that despite the state of our country we must appreciate our freedoms, says the Democratic Alliance Students Organisation (DASO).

"A few months ago, as a constituency for the first time we visited the East Cape Midlands College to start up branches, at the time there was little hope that we would be recongnised at the institution," described Hlomela Bucwa, MP, DASO Eastern Cape Constituency Leader.

On Thursday, DASO celebrate a victory after winning four campuses at the college.

"The outcome is noteworthy after years of African National Congress (ANC)-aligned South African Students Congress (SASCO) control of the Student Representative Council (SRC), which continued to misrepresent students and loot student’s funds," explained Bucwa.

"When DASO wins, students win. As such this win is very significant for as many young people continue to be victims of this non-carrying ANC government and it furthermore serves as the reflection of the continued organic growth of the DA in the so-called ANC traditional areas.

"Over the years, across campuses, we have proved to be a working and caring government that seeks to advocate for student issues and ensure the access and success of all students in institutions of higher learning."

Bucwa said that, it is with joy to know that students believe in the capabilities of DASO, and thus the work begins now to serve genuine, with diligence, integrity, transparency and accountability selflessly for the benefit of all students.

"DASO would like to thank all the students at East Cape Midlands College who came out to support DASO and it's vision of an educational environment that is uniquely South African built on the values of freedom, fairness and opportunity," she said.

"This vision is the one that will see the Democratic Alliance rescue the lost generation."

Image: Hlomela Bucwa made history recently when she addressed the National Assembly as South Africa's youngest Member of Parliament (MP) in South Africa.