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DASO Eastern Cape kick starts campaign to assist students during the January intake

Jan 8, 2018
DASO Eastern Cape kick starts campaign to assist students during the January intake

The Democratic Alliance Students' Organisation (DASO) in the Eastern Cape on Monday kicked off its annual Sakh’ingomso campaign, which seeks to assist thousands of both prospective and returning students with any admissions, re-admissions, financial aid, student accommodation, special needs and any other issues they face now during this intake and registration period.

"Thousands of students are travelling from all over the province and country, arrive in institutions of higher learning to sleep in labs and on the streets with no one to welcome them. As such, we have dedicated a caring team of well trained volunteers who are stationed at our helpdesks in institutions around the Eastern Cape to welcome and assist these students," explained Baxolile Nodada, DASO Eastern Cape Constituency Chairperson.

"As we kick start Sakh’ingomso we note that many students will be denied the opportunity to further their studies not only because of registration and tuition fees but some due to historic debt."

Nodada said that considering this, DASO Eastern Cape is calling on the Minister of Higher Education, the management in institutions and SRC’s to come up with a plan to assist 2017 unfunded financially-needy and academically-deserving students with their debt through a bailout fund so that they may register and continue with their studies this academic year, while others will have the opportunity to get their qualifications and seek employment to change their situations at home.

"We further call on government to fast track it’s processes and publicise a plan on the implementation of the free education as announced by the President and not give political answers as these will not give access and the much-needed support to succeed for students in our campuses.

"During this intake and registration period all students and parents are welcome to contact us through our Chairperson Baxolile Nodada at 063 795 7519 or inbox our social media pages for assistance or advice on any issues. Please do follow our social media pages for more information," Nodada added.

"We believe that education is the cornerstone of the liberation of all young South Africans and that a government that does not invest in the education of its youth, is a government that does not care about the future.

"We will work hard to ensure that all students access institutions of higher learning and that no student is left behind.

"We would like to ask all those, who wish to contribute towards this campaign to assist us whether it be through volunteering or monetary through sending a donation."

Details are as follows:

Bank:                                    Standard Bank, Rink Street

Branch code:                        050417

Account number:                 083893091

Ref:                                       DASO DONATION