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DASO Nelson Mandela University launches sanitary towels drive

Jul 31, 2017
DASO Nelson Mandela University launches sanitary towels drive

The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) at the Nelson Mandela University has launched a campaign to collect sanitary towels for girls from poor backgrounds.

"Over 7 Million girls miss a week of school every month, which means 60 days in a year because of their menstrual periods and they cannot afford sanitary towels," described Kwanda Jakalase, DASO Nelson Mandela University Institutional Chairperson.

"As DASO we believe that your future and your well-being must not be dictated by your socioeconomic background. As such, in the true spirit of a caring organisation, DASO Nelson Mandela University is launching a Sanitary Towel Drive on all our campuses."

Jakalase further said that the DASO sanitary towels campaign aims to raise funds and collect sanitary towels to ensure over 10 000 sanitary towels are made available to ensure that no student misses a day of class due to menstrual challenges.

"Research has shown that girls from marginalised backgrounds could miss up to 50 days of school each year due to these challenges, therefore DASO Nelson Mandela University aims to create awareness through the campaign so that at this institution no student goes through this challenge and to avoid students dropping out as a result of this," he said.

"The objectives of this campaign is to create awareness about the challenges faced by our needy students during their monthly cycles. We want to raise funds to purchase sanitary towels so that needy students can go to class when having their menstrual period. We want to increase the presence of a purpose of promoting a sense of genuine humanity amongst students.

"A prosperous future for South Africa can only be assured when every South African receives quality education and have sufficient skills for dignified employment."

Jakalase added that DASO NMU's vision is of an open and free educational environment that is uniquely South African, in which every person has the Freedom to pursue their own aspirations, Fairness to chase their dreams and turn them into a reality and in which every person has the Opportunity to improve the quality of their life.

For donations, people can contact us at 082 541 4744.