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David Cameron: Alan Henning's murder by IS

By Tai Chishakwe - Oct 4, 2014
David Cameron: Alan Henning's murder by IS

UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Saturday called the beheading of British aid worker, Alan Henning, by the Islamic State (IS) "absolutely abhorrent" and "unforgivable."

He reiterated that Britain must work with its allies to do everything it can to defeat IS in Iraq and Syria as well as at home and vowed that Britain would find those responsible for the murder of Henning.

However, Cameron warned that the struggle against the "barbaric" group would not be quick.

He said it would take "patience, hard work and resolve to defeat this group -- but I know in this country we have that resolve."

The Prime Minister spoke after briefings with senior military and intelligence advisers.

The news of Henning's beheading came just days after Britain joined the US-led coalition against the jihadist militants, following overwhelming approval from Parliament.

UK jets began flying reconnaissance flights over Iraq a week ago, and on Tuesday dropped their first missiles on an IS heavy-weapon position and an armed pickup truck in Iraq, according to the UK Defense Ministry.

A taxi driver from northern England, Henning was part of a team of volunteers who traveled to Syria in December 2013 to deliver aid to people affected by the country's devastating civil war.