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David Moss takes ‘Journey of the Heart’ to GFI Art Gallery

David Moss takes ‘Journey of the Heart’ to GFI Art Gallery

David Moss, a master ceramic artist from Port Elizabeth, on Sunday conducted a 'walkabout' at the GFI Art Gallery with his latest exhibition ‘Journey of the Heart’ describing his works and the meaning behind them to local art lovers.

“To me this exhibition is a story in clay. It’s a very personal story to me, what I feel that God has made in my heart for a season, and so there are different themes that flow throughout the exhibition starting with the heart,” Moss told RNEWS

His exhibition consisted of clay and porcelain sculptures that made references to the Bible and how he envisioned the journey through its tales. Religion and human nature were brought together to create his many pieces.

As the name of his exhibition states, hearts were a central piece in his exhibition, as he used ceramic sculptures of a real human heart to represent people and humanity.

Some of the pottery that he had created encompassed the Japanese art of using Gold to mend cracks in ceramics.