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de Lille: “ANC in NMB has nothing left”

By Charl Bosch - Mar 4, 2016
de Lille: “ANC in NMB has nothing left”

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has made an impassioned plea for residents of Nelson Mandela Bay to get registered in preparation for the forthcoming local government elections, as the Democratic Alliance (DA) is “burning to provide the Metro with a better government”.

Addressing supporters and party members at the Allanridge Hall outside Uitenhage on Thursday evening as part of a voter registration campaign, de Lille, flanked by Metro mayoral candidate Athol Trollip, accused the African National Congress (ANC) of “having nothing left” to give residents, before stating that “they can be voted out like they were voted in”.

“Instead of using taxpayers’ money for the right reasons, they are putting it in their pockets. All the corrupt people here in Nelson Mandela Bay are stealing and looting everything. They must be put in jail,” she said.

“You can only use your vote to bring change. [Therefore], all of you must go out this weekend and register. You deserve to have it better”.

She also denounced recent reports of race related incident within and against the party, saying the ANC had nothing but the race card left in order to brand the organisation as “a whites only party”.

On Monday, the ruling party announced it would be approaching the Human Rights Commission of South Africa (HRCSA) to investigate alleged accusations of racism against Trollip and members of his family, after a weekend CityPress article claimed that several workers were called derogatory names while working on a farm he once owned.

Trollip subsequently rubbished the allegations as a deliberate attempt to discredit him in the run-up to the elections, and that he was looking forward to have the matter resolved in court.

“You need a leader that is in front and not at the back, and Athol Trollip is that type of person. I can promise you that he would put the people first if elected,” de Lille said to wide-spread cheers from supporters.

Earlier in the day, the party embarked on a walkabout in the city’s troubled Northern Areas, handing out leaflets and vising a street in Arcadia, where four residents were killed in an alleged gang-related shooting last month.

“Every day, someone is killed in the Northern Ares and in this street, 60 shots were fired in that one house to kill four people. They were simply there with the intention to kill as many people as possible,” Trollip told RNews.

He added that the party, if elected, would establish a metro police force, headed by previously unemployed young people who are familiar with the area, as well as address the area’s much maligned education system.

“The children in this area last year suffered badly in the matric pass rate with a decline of 20%, which means they won’t be able to find employment, and would instead turn to drugs and gangsterism. We have to create jobs to curb the spread of crime,” Trollip said.