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Dealer busted after teens arrested with dagga

By Afikile Lugunya - Jan 17, 2018
Dealer busted after teens arrested with dagga

A 35-year-old Jamestown man is expected in court soon after two teenagers, who were arrested in possession of 22 parcels of dagga, said he was their source.

The arrests happened at Masakhane Township, in Jamestown, on Monday.

According to a police spokesperson, Moitheri Bojabotseha, the two teens, aged 16 and 17-years-old, had in their possession 0.145 kg of dagga.

“After thoroughly interrogating the suspects they informed the police about another house selling dagga,” officer Bojabotseha said.

“A suspect aged 35-year-old was found committing a crime busy packing dagga into parcels.

“The minors were handed over to parental custody and the older suspect was detained.”