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DEDEAT Seeks Opportunities In Non-Automotive Sectors

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
DEDEAT Seeks Opportunities In Non-Automotive Sectors

The Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) plans to appoint a service provider to analyse the value chain and localisation possibilities in the non-automotive manufacturing and agro-industrial manufacturing sec-tors in the Eastern Cape.

DEDEAT points out that the industrial base relating to these sectors “remains marginalised”.

It states that the predominant factor which plays “the biggest role in impeding local manufacturers in the Eastern Cape is shrinking markets.

“Additionally, the scarcity of feedstock (raw materials) as inputs to these enter-prises forces the procurement of these materials from either outside the province or outside South Africa.

“This emphasises the need to research for new manufacturing opportunities in the global, national and local supply chains which could cultivate viable raw material suppliers or original equipment manufacturers!.”

The non-automotive sectors that are the target of the study are: furniture products; metal products; electrical and electronic products; textiles and clothing and chemical and pharmaceutical products.

The agro-industrial manufacturing sec-tors are: food/niche specialist products which includes fertilisers; food/dairy products/wood products and textile and leather products.

The study will provide a breakdown of all products imported into or exported from the Eastern Cape per sector.