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Delegates discuss transformational leadership at the Nelson Mandela Bay Leadership Summit

Jun 28, 2018
Delegates discuss transformational leadership at the Nelson Mandela Bay Leadership Summit

Global thinking and humanistic leadership was the main focus at the fifth Nelson Mandela Bay Leadership Summit, organised by the MIKS Foundation and the Nelson Mandela University’s Business School, hosted by the Radisson Blu Hotel in Port Elizabeth.

The 2018 Leadership summit featured six respected South African leadership figures, who each delivered an inspirational speech to a crowded room.

The summit’s theme was ‘Leadership on the edge: Hope or Despair?’ and brought into focus how leadership in the 21st Century has to adapt and become more ethical and accountable in the light of all the recent corruption uncovered in South Africa, such as the KPMG and Gupta scandal.

The speakers each addressed the topic of transformational leadership in South Africa and adaptation in the business market, with a strong focus on technological advancement in South Africa.

Dr. Thabi Leoka, Nomkhita Mona, Prof.Vivienne Lawack, Rev. Frank Chikane, Judge Johann Kriegler and Kate Moodley, all provided in-depth insights, ideas, lessons and critically discussed what sustainable leadership is in 2018.

Dr Leoka, an independent economist that received her Phd from the London School of Economics and was named the economist of the year in 2017, addressed how leaders in South Africa had to embrace the technological revolution.

“New technology is the way forward, we cannot hold it back. We must embrace the technological revolution,” said Dr Leoka.

Mona, CEO of the NMB Business Chamber, talked about Humanistic leadership, whereby leaders embrace authentic, ethical and transformational values. Mona also highlighted the importance of having more women in leadership roles.

“Humanistic leadership places the needs of people over profit. Leadership is an attitude not a routine, where the leader has a genuine heartfelt concern for the welfare of others,” said Mona.

Reverend Chikane said “Leardership is in crises. The world we live in is complex, it is not innocent, some leaders do the worst things.”

“Humanistic leadership is needed, we act as if there is nothing wrong around us despite the fact that big companies such as KPMG and Steinhoff had ties with the controversial Gupta family."

Franchise Director, Moodley, added; “Companies and leaders cannot only be profit driven, they must think holistically of the business and the community.”

MIKS Foundation Chairman and Trustee, Achmat Mohamed, closed off the event by saying, “Let us not just be a country of complaining, let’s adopt good leadership. We need hope and we must not despair, we must all contribute positively.”

Image: Inspirational speakers, from left to right, Dr. Thabi Leoka and Ms. Nomkhita Mona