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Department of Labour unveils inaugural of the EE Awards System to recognise employers embracing the spirit of Employment Equity

Department of Labour unveils inaugural of the EE Awards System to recognise employers embracing the spirit of Employment Equity

In recognition of the employers that are doing their best in implementing the Employment Equity Act and promote the true spirit of transformation, the Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) has developed an EE Awards System.

The purpose of the awards is meant to recognize employers who excel in developing and implementing strategies for:


  • Promoting equal opportunity, diversity and fair treatment in employment and for the elimination of unfair discrimination;
  • Implementing affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups (i.e. black people, women and people with disabilities);
  • Ensuring that  suitably qualified people from designated groups have equal employment opportunities and  have equitable representation in all occupational levels in the workplace; and
  • Transforming the workplace to achieve employment equity and diversity.

The inaugural of the EE Awards system to recognise deserving organisations and companies will be held  this year (2015). The Awards will coincide with the release and launch of the 15th CEE Annual Report in 2015 and the Public Register.

The Department of Labour will soon be inviting the applications for the nominations up until March 2015.

The EE Awards System (the System) adopts a Hurdles Model that requires participating employers to successfully pass two hurdles before being considered for excellent achievement. All participants will be required to complete a nomination form and provide the required evidence.

To qualify for any of the awards, all employers should at least meet the requirements of the Act. Participants/nominees will also be subjected to site visits.

To determine excellent achievement, factors such as: sustainability, diversity, innovation, integrity and consistency will be considered as part of the criteria.

The Equity Award categories will be split into various business types such as:

  • State owned enterprises
  • Educational Institutions
  • Non-profit organisations (i.e. Civil society organisations and trade unions)
  • Private sector organisations in the following sectors / sub-sectors as per Schedule 4 of the EEA: Agriculture; Mining and Quarrying; Manufacturing; Electricity, Gas and Water; Construction; Retail and Motor Trade and Repair Services; Wholesale Trade, Commercial Agents and Allied Services; Catering, Accommodation and other Trade; Transport, Storage and Communications; Finance and Business Services; Community, Special and Personal Services
  • National Government (Public Sector)
  • Provincial Government (Public Sector)
  • Local Government (Public Sector)

It is planned that each business type will have 3 finalists, including the winner.

All finalists will be recognised and will receive a certificate signed by the Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant.


Image courtesy of: rainbowskills.co.za