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Dept of Higher Education to tackle NSFAS funding issues

JANUARY 6, 2015
Dept of Higher Education to tackle NSFAS funding issues

The Higher Education Department says it will deploy officials to help in the administration of  funds to students at all universities.

The Department's spokesperson, Khaye Kwanyane, says the aim is to make the applying for funding more efficient and to alleviate congestion at the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) head offices in Cape Town.

Students' strikes are a common phenomenon across the country at the beginning of every academic year due to students being disgruntled with the scheme. Nkwanyane says their objective is to deal with all the problems.

“We have directed NSFAS to deploy all its officials to all our 26 universities to assist students who are seeking aid from NSFAS. Immediately when they are accepted by an institution they are given forms for NSFAS. Those forms, there's an element of cellphone contact to them, so that immediately there’s communication between NSFAS and those particular students.”