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Dept of Water appeals to communities to save water as we enter warmer months

Aug 30, 2017
Dept of Water appeals to communities to save water as we enter warmer months

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has appealed to communities to continue saving water as we approach the warmer seasons.

"The dam and river flow levels continue declining and during the winter season there was minimal rainfall in some areas and no rain at all in other areas and provinces," Department said.

"This just shows that there is not enough water, especially in our water scarce country which receives below world average rainfall. This then calls on all of us to put hands on the deck and conserve the little available water for water security in our beautiful country.

"Water wastage must be discouraged at all costs."

The Department said that the recent drought experienced throughout the country and the ongoing water challenges in the Western Cape have opened our minds to the fact that water is a finite resource with no substitute.

Several municipalities in both the Eastern and Western Cape - including the Nelson Mandela Bay, the Kouga Local Municipality and the George Municipality, have been forced to implement water restrictions as a result of the water shortages.

"We must therefore use the available water sparingly and wisely at all times.

"As we welcome Spring in September, it is crucial that we behave and act in a responsible manner and not play and waste precious water. We must always remember that water has no substitute and a drop of water lost will never be regained," it added.

"As we enter the warm season, the temperatures get hotter leading to the evaporation of the available water in our watercourses meaning less and less available water.

"This then calls for all of us to work together for water security by using the little available water wisely and pray for rain to fill our dams and rivers.

"Let us make water conservation and efficient water use a habit and play our role in the water security of the country for our generation and future generations. Let us always remember that ours is a water scarce country and that water has no substitute."