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Deputy Executive Mayor Chippa Ngcolomba leads delegation to Sweden

APRIL 28, 2015
Deputy Executive Mayor Chippa Ngcolomba leads delegation to Sweden

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Deputy Executive Mayor, Chippa Ngcolomba, will lead a delegation consisting of members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Council to Goteborg in Sweden from 5 to 8 May.

The NMB enjoys a mutually beneficial partnership with the City of Goteborg, which covers a range of local governance areas such as infrastructure development, human settlements, waste management, economic development and tourism.

The partnership has seen visits to and from Goteborg over the years. 

The visit will focus on a suite of projects that are currently underway as part of the sister-city relationship for the period from 2013-2016, covering areas such as Sustainable Mobility, Inner City Planning and Development, Sustainable Energy and Climate Change, as well as an examination of ways to improve policy implementation.

The Partnership Management Committee comprises the following members:

Nelson Mandela Bay


Cllr Thando Ngcolomba

Deputy Executive Mayor


     Anneli Hulten

     Mayor of Gothenburg

Councillor Rossveldt Captain


Councillor Maria Ryden

Deputy Mayor

            Councillor Werner Senekal


Councillor Ulf Kamne

Deputy Mayor


The purpose of the visit is three-fold:

1. To participate in a full Partnership Management Committee meeting to conclude the work of Year Two of the Programme and, in interaction with the project teams, discuss the work to be undertaken in Year Three (the final year of the Programme).

2. To broaden knowledge of the Partnership and the work it is doing, the Nelson Mandela Bay delegation will participate in the following activities:

  • Attend a full session of the Goteborg Council on 7 May 2015, during which meeting a presentation will be made on the history of the Partnership and the progress made with the current programme between the two cities.
  • Participate in a working session with the South African Ambassador and the Secretary General and representatives of the Institute for Local Democracy (ICLD) which is the project donor.

3. The broadening of the partnership beyond the current funded activities.  In this regard, contact was made in 2014 with a Youth Centre in Angered, one of the suburbs of Goteborg. This youth centre, called Mixgarden, has managed a project called Fizarna for many years. In this project, young people work voluntarily on a number of initiatives. The salaries that they would have earned go into a fund and every year that fund is used to contribute to certain youth activities.  The youth centre has decided that this year’s funding would be donated to an appropriate youth activities in Nelson Mandela Bay. It has been agreed that the funding will be donated towards the Helenvale Youth Dialogue Programme, which has proven to be a sustainable initiative among youth. The Partnership Management Committee will visit Mixarna and will do a presentation on the Helenvale Youth Dialogue Initiative and a formal ceremonial handover of the funding will take place at the Goteborg Council, which will be attended by the Partnership Management Committee during its visit.


Representatives from the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, Nafcoc, as well as officials from the Economic Development Tourism and Agriculture Directorate of the Municipality, will be in Goteborg for a parallel visit to explore business opportunities between the two cities in the context of the Partnership.