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Deputy Minister hosts aspiring artists and crafters in the Bay

Deputy Minister hosts aspiring artists and crafters in the Bay

Arts and Culture Deputy Minister, Rejoice Mabudafasi visited Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) on Friday to offer assistance to aspiring artists and crafters at the Feather Market Centre.

The aim of the event was to empower the local artists and crafters locally with information as to where they can get monetary assistance, as most of them face challenges and remain poor despite their talent.

“Today is for them to tell us about the challenges they are facing and together we are able to say what is it that we can do to assist them”, said the Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture Rejoice Mabudafasi.

According to the Deputy Minister, the department strives for local artists and crafters to not only be able to sell their products locally but also on an international scale.

“We have money set aside called Mzansi Golden Economy to help not only crafters but also musicians and drama artists,” she added.

The Deputy Minister highlighted that the Department is currently in talks with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to bring back Arts and Craft as a subject at schools as artists have a huge contribution in the country.

“Artists and crafters are the big sectors that create jobs, produce businessmen and also they boost the country’s economy,” added the Deputy Minister.

The audience also got to know more about Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA).

According to the President of CCISFA and actor Tony Kgoroge, the organisation has a structure where all the artists from local municipalities can be identified.

“There are 8 sectors that run through every region. An artist must belong to a sector to be recognised because CCIFSA is more sector-driven than anything else,” he said.

One of the CCIFSA’s objectives is to promote and develop the social and economic interests of the cultural and creative industries.

CCIFSA will be conducting road shows throughout the country  starting in Free State from July, 24-25.

“The idea of road shows and consultations is just to make sure that everybody is represented”, he added.

The audience was given a chance to ask questions they had to the panel and also come up with suggestions as to what they think could be done to help them succeed in arts.

Also present at the event were members from Film and Publication Board, Mayoral Member of Committee in youth, sport and culture, the Events Organisers and the local artists.