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Deputy Minister Thomson leads clean up of Motherwell Ward 54

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 26, 2018
Deputy Minister Thomson leads clean up of Motherwell Ward 54

The Mfesane Environmental Club, local firefighters and the community of Motherwell Ward 54 on Thursday answered the call made by the Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, Barbara Thompson, to help keep their environment clean as part of their 67minutes dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela.

Mfesane Environmental Club consists of local 60 learners with a shared passion about protecting the environment as well as gardening.

Deputy Minister Thomson made the call of cleaning the Ward as part of government’s new programme calling on citizens to "be the legacy" like the late former President, Nelson Mandela.

The Department of Environmental Affairs also donated 100 desks made from recycled materials and are environmentally-friendly to the Mfesane High School.

Teams of firefighters, who work from five different fire stations – in Addo, Jansenville,  Baviaanskloof, Longmore and Kromsriver, also responded to the call.

Speaking on behalf of the firefighters, Tsepo Ntame (25) from the Jansenvile fire station said: "Keeping our town clean excites us because this is a chance to limit diseases and save lives."

Nontuthuzelo Platyi (32), a Motherwell Ward 54 resident, said that people usually think twice about visiting Motherwell because the area is known for being "filthy and disgusting”.

"I'm happy that the community responded positively by agreeing to clean this place, because this filth results in us getting sick and I hope that we will continue to clean even when the DM is not here," she added.

Meanwhile, Xabisa Bless (17), a Grade10 pupil from Mfesane High School, said; "I'm happy that the community is here to help because they stay here. We have uncontrollable little siblings that play anywhere and can catch diseases by playing here.

"We beg the municipality to support this initiative and care for us.”

Deputy Minister Thompson said that Madiba championed the protection of the environment even when he was still in prison, which explains why the department decided to clean the Ward.

"The desks we have brought come from the environment, they are made from alien trees," she added.

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