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Deputy President speaks on impressions of a 'state at war with itself'

Sep 9, 2016
Deputy President speaks on impressions of a 'state at war with itself'

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says government is aware of the concerns of social partners and of the South African public about recent events within the state.

“We recognise that there is an impression of a lack of coherence within government and that different institutions of state are in open conflict with each other.

“It is unfair to expect our social partners to achieve a stable labour environment, when we appear unable to maintain a stable state.

“We cannot expect our social partners to overcome their differences, when we in government cannot overcome our own,” said the Deputy President at the 21st National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) Annual Summit, in Johannesburg, on Friday.

Where there are differences, he said, leaders must be able to resolve them through dialogue and cooperation. They must not create an impression that their actions are influenced by any considerations other than the advancement of the interests of the South African people.

“We are working at addressing these issues. We are working to ensure that all public entities, including state-owned companies, uphold the tenets of cooperative governance as required by our Constitution.

“We are determined that these events will not undermine the excellent work being done across government and should not derail the measures we are developing together to grow the economy,” said the Deputy President.

He highlighted the section of the National Development Plan (NDP) which says that in order to play a transformative and developmental role, state institutions need to be well run and effectively coordinated, with public servants who are committed to the public good.

“We are committed to ensuring, as the NDP proposes, that the public service is immersed in a developmental agenda but insulated from undue political or other external interference,” said the Deputy President.