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Derby-Lewis denied parole, de Kock granted

Derby-Lewis denied parole, de Kock granted

The medical parole application of former South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani’s killer, Clive Derby-Lewis, has been rejected.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha made the announcement a short while ago, stating that that the department remains unconvinced that Derby-Lewis had shown any form of remorse since being jailed for shooting Hani in 1993. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Masutha added that questions have also been raised over Derby-Lewis’ medical samples, after it was discovered that a different name had appeared on the pathologist’s report.

“In an affidavit submitted to the board, he [Derby-Lewis] stated to have used a different name for security reason and co-indecently, another patient using the same name was admitted at the same hospital for treatment of a similar medical condition,” Masutha said.

“This prompted him to revert to an alias he used when first admitted. This raises uncertainty on the identity of the patient whose samples informed the recommendation of the board.”

In passing his statement Masutha also granted parole to former Vlakplaas leader, Eugene de Kock, saying that the board was pleased with the positive progress he had shown and was satisfied with the decision of granting him leave. Masuth added that de Kock’s exact date of release and parole conditions would not be disclosed as per his wishes.

Judgment in the application of former Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB) head, Ferdi Barnard, has been delayed with Masutha stating that the board needed more time decide and consults with the various representatives.


IMAGE sourced from www.timeslive.co.za