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Design Google SketchUp Competition at DSG and St Andrew's College

Oct 6, 2016
Design Google SketchUp Competition at DSG and St Andrew's College

The Annual Google SketchUp competition is aimed at Grade 9s only. It is a compulsory competition in which pupils from St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls participate.

The aim of this exercise is to provide a platform for grade 9s to gain experience in CAD programmes and techniques and to apply their thinking to real life problems and understand how this will be received in real life practice.

It forces them to consider various aspects simultaneously i.e. geographical placement of their design, how this affects the design. The relation to sustainability and eco-friendliness of the structure itself, how the client will react as well as physical design properties of the design and the aesthetic aspects and finally to be able to communicate this into a 3D design on a 2D computer screen is the main challenge.

Our judges were Mr Louw Grobbelaar from FDT architects in Kenton on Sea and Ms Corinne Cooper from Rhodes University, a sound engineer with incredible experience.  They were very strict and thorough in their selection process, engaged with the brief and really took their task seriously to select the best of the best. This in itself is a great exercise to the pupils to be aware of what the experts are really looking at and considering and how tasks are handled in practice.

The prize-giving took place in the Arthur Cotton Design and Technology Centre and we are delighted to congratulations to the following pupils on their awards for the SAC/DSG Grade 9 Google SketchUp Competition:

1st - Connor Stulich
2nd - Callum Francis
3rd - Toni Rafferty
Most Creative – Roxy le Roux
Most Innovative – Nia van Niekerk
Honourable Mention – Diana Dixie

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